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While in many parts of the US, Pilates has been taken up enthusiastically and integrated into everyday routines, in Germany, this practice is less popular.  I think this is starting to change as people come to realize its advantages for both preventative care and its ability to heal. Equipment-based Pilates has been particularly slow to migrate back to Germany, but I think if the rhythms of Mat-work supply the heart beat of Pilates, the type of work supported by the machines is its soul.


I find the technologies of Pilates to be quite compelling, in that they offer the body and mind a different experience of the Pilates method. Using varying spring tensions, Pilates designed his machines to require the body to move with a certain purpose, and for me, this is an invitation to think differently about not only how I perform Pilates but also how I go about my day-to-day activities. I love teaching  these technologies and the body awareness they inspire to others. By working within the context of a one-on-one environment, we can dive deeper into understanding the Pilates method more generally as well as address specific problems, injuries, or working to attain a particular goal. The machines are also incredibly diverse, allowing me the ability to work with a range of bodies, from athletes at the peak of their career to aiding in the rehabilitation process for those who have been injured or ill.